Episode 189 of the Video Show – topics include – Overloaded with data but still don’t have the information you need as and when you need it? – The importance of trust, authenticity, and meanings – How to manage the people managing you – How to avoid getting emotionally hooked by a client in a rage – My quick business tip for this episode

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 188episode 188

In this episode we’ll learn the importance of transparency in business and we’ll hear why you should identify and express …

The need for transparency in your practice John Blog image

What do you understand by the need for transparency in business? In its simplest sense, I imagine it means unhindered honesty and …

Listen More Than You Talk ….listening 100

When Jared walked into a meeting to discuss a new marketing approach for a product, the conversation didn’t play out well …

Top five small business apps ..business-apps-100

Time wasted on unnecessary paperwork, trawling yourinbox for old emails and trying to remember passwords can really take its toll ….

News and Views – March 2017 …….World Image 100x60

Topics include – Friends Furever – How do we keep veterinary medicine fun? – Percentage-based associate compensation – How to

“Assertive” Is Not an Insult …..crystal ball 100

You’re assertive if you express your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs in an honest, direct way that’s appropriate to the situation. You get your…

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 187episode 187

In this episode we’ll hear about the SPVS Leadership Academy and we’ll learn the importance of the five key numbers generated by the …

Why are too many practices making a loss? John Blog image

I had an opportunity recently to present a session at the VPMA/SPVS Congress in Newport in Wales. My task was to present …

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 186episode 186

In this episode we’ll In this episode we’ll hear how to use a practice estimate folder to boost business and we’ll ask whether CCTV in…

Boost business with practice estimate folderJohn Blog image

Recent results from the 100 Consultations Review Tool
for one practice – indicated that clinicians recommended a total…

The SPVS Profitability Surveyspvs profit survey 100

From a presentation at the SPVS-VPMA Congress 2017 – On a scale of 1-10, how would you judge the success of Veterinary Practice in

Get Over Being Right – Get On With Itinformation overload 100

I’d like for you to get over the idea that you should be making correct decisions. If that sounds like a dumb thing to say, consider this: When ..

News and Views – February 2017 …….World Image 100x60

Topics include – Little Kids – Big Dogs – Mitigate Mistakes with Practice Protocols – Three Communication Tips Every Leader

The future of veterinary medicine is herecrystal ball 100

You’re not crazy. Change and innovation are happening faster everywhere, including veterinary practice. Here’s your gut check

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 185episode 185

In this episode we’ll hear how to manage your chosen Key Performance Indicators and we’ll ask what your eventual exit from …

Without KPIs, you are simply guessing ..
John Blog image

But choosing the right indicators for your practice isn’t always straightforward and will need to take into account the appropriate…

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 184episode 184

In this episode we’ll learn how to select the right numbers to monitor in your practice and we’ll hear about a template for successful …

Selecting the right numbers to monitor John Blog image

If you’ve watched many episodes of the Video Show, you probably realise by now that I’m a numbers man. Whatever goes right…

Don’t Get Caught on the Hophop-100

In today’s interconnected, always online, society, trends spread like wildfire. Consider music or fashion. Where once a particular genre ….

Delegation Can Create Great Leadersleadership-100

A practice manager’s duty is to lead his or her team and ensure the practice consistently performs in line with its mission, vision and….

News and Views – December 2016 …….World Image 100x70

Topics include – Seven Inspiring Life Lessons – VPMA and SPVS Congress 2017 – Friends with benefits…

Ask Your Employees These 6 Questionsquestions-100

So often, being a leader is about having (or getting) answers. We’re accustomed to being in charge and
making critical ….

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 183episode 183

In this episode we’ll clear up any misunderstanding about the importance of profit in veterinary practice and we’ll see what …

Generating a healthy business profit John Blog image

Take a moment to think about the veterinary practice which you own or where you work. What’s it for – what’s the objective? – and …

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 182episode 182

In this episode we’ll ask whether you could run a veterinary practice like a burger bar and we’ll learn about a model for directing group…

Systematising your veterinary practice John Blog image

I’ve recently been having another look at Michael Gerbers book – the EMyth Revisited and his reference to Ray Kroc, the …

Give Clients an Experience, ….client-experience-100

Working in a veterinary practice can be all-consuming, and team members can get so caught up in day-to-day operations that they …

Competing With Corporate Consolidationcompetition-100

Is it possible for you to continue to maintain your own practice, and even compete with the corporate giants? Definitely. Although the ….

News and Views – December 2016 …….World Image 100x60

Topics include – Look at Everything with Squid Eyes – Vet Nurses: are yours motivated or de-motivated? – The Key to Meaningful…

Letting Money Slip Through The Cracks?leaking-pipe 100

If you are a Veterinary business owner, chances are you’re letting thousands of dollars float by every month because you haven’t….







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