Episode 219 of the Video Show – topics include – What makes a veterinary practice successful financially – How to increase the willingness of practice employees to take on more responsibility – Some practical, cautionary advice about social media – How to help your staff members understand something about the financial numbers for your practice – My quick business tip for this episode

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 219episode 219

In this episode we’ll learn what makes a veterinary practice successful financially and we’ll hear how to increase the willingness ..

Which of your hats are you wearing today? John Blog image

One of the lessons I learned in my involvement with VPI, the corporate practice consolidator I helped to launch in the late 90’s, was ..

The Goldilocks Concept ……….goldilocks-100

Independent practices have been the backbone of our profession for generations.They’re our industry’s baseball and apple pie. While we all

Copy hotels for inspiration……….hotel-reception-100.png

You’ve probably had the experience of eating out at a restaurant where the food was great but the overall experience was terrible. You ..

News and Views – May 2018 ……. World Image 100x70Topics include – The Startling Reason Veterinary Hospitals Exist – Get results by changing behaviours .

Giving estimates stinks! I’m stressed!vet-students-100

I’m not sure that someone in vet school should be teaching this, but vet students should know

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 218episode 218

In Episode 216 of the Video Show, we featured clips from Adam Little and some of the delegates at the Veterinary Innovation Symposium..

New Grads – Get comfortable with selling! John Blog image

During the last few days I’ve been reading a brand-new addition to my office library. It’s called Veterinary Success Secrets Revealed ..