Episode 226 of the Video Show – Topics include – Rewarding employees that do a great job – What makes a leader – How to motivate staff by setting them SMART goals – Why top performers do less, work better, and achieve more – My quick business tip for this episode

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 226episode 226

In this episode we’ll hear some advice about rewarding
employees that do a great job and we’ll learn something about what

Pushing through the plateau .John Blog image

I’m not really the gardener in my family. My wife is definitely in charge and makes the decisions about the bedding plants, what to plant in

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 225episode 225

In this episode we’ll hear some suggestions for new graduates seeking advice about their initial salary and we’ll learn how much

How was it for you?John Blog image

How do you judge the success or otherwise of professional consultations in your practice? It’s a really important question because

How I went from receptionist to practice ownereverett-vet-hospital-100.png

I had the passion for animals, the smarts to manage, and the education and business savvy to own. So I bought a veterinary

Should televets be globally certified?telemedicine-2-100.png

The greatest future opportunity for veterinary medicine is providing remote consulting directly to animal owners around the

Do you really need that new vet?John Blog image

During my years with the first of the corporate consolidators in the UK, it was common for the clinical directors and practice managers ..

Benchmark Based Approach to Building Profitsvetbizapp-100.png

Far too many practice owners around the world are discovering that their success in professional standards and client service