Episode 196 of the Video Show – topics include – The five key elements of the strategic business planning process – Simon Sineks Top 10 Rules for Success – Advice for managers about handling staff appraisal pitfalls – How text messaging can help to build the practice bond with clients – My quick business tip for this episode

Key elements for your strategic business plan
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I have been working recently with a number of practices using my Veterinary Business online app to find out exactly why practice profit .

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 196episode 196

In this episode we’ll learn the five key elements of the strategic business planning process and we’ll take a look at the Top 10 ..

How to strengthen client relationships
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For as long as I can remember we have debated long and hard the importance of converting what we described as casual clients

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 195episode 195

In this episode we’ll hear about the difference between loyal clients and those that are simply satisfied with your practice services..

Helping vets win the battle of the inner demonwisdom-100-1

When things go wrong, do you feel like the world is crashing down around you? Is it all you can muster to put on a brave face and…

Manage Poor Employee Performancedisappointment 100

Employee engagement, performance and productivity will always be pressing HR concerns. As managers, we are constantly …

News and Views – June 2017 …….World Image 100x60

Topics include – If it fits, I sits – Easy Ways to improve Staff Engagement and Performance – Why outside investors want in ..

Telecommuting trends for practice managersworking-from-home-100-1

Telecommuting is fairly common outside of veterinary medicine but can be more difficult in businesses such as veterinary practices….

How to strengthen client relationshipsJohn Blog image

We’re all engaged in commercial relationships one way or another – sometimes as buyers, sometimes as sellers. In our buying role

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 194episode 194

In this episode we’ll see how preventive health care can help strengthen client relationships and we’ll hear from a practice owner ..

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 193episode 193

In this episode we’ll learn something about the veterinary scene in the UK as observed by an Aussie at the BSAVA Congress

Australian view of the vet scene in the UKJohn Blog image

This has been a very busy month – part work and part pleasure – although at my time of life, I’m happy to report that I no longer…

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 192episode 192

In this episode we’ll learn how to cope with the loneliness of practice ownership and we’ll hear how to use the Hill of Influence ….

Practice ownership can be a lonely business
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For most of my professional life I have been self employed – I like to feel in charge of my day to day working life, it’s great to dream a ….

News and Views – May 2017 …….World Image 100x60

Topics include – Should you fear the corporatization of veterinary medicine? – The 5 Big Waves affecting the veterinary ..

Fishing for acquisitions: 12 things …vet fishing-100

Fat-cat investors are hungry for great veterinary hospitals to buy, and they’re baiting the nation’s practice owners with juicy ….

Talent Is Overrated: Top 10 Habits …tough- 100

People with limitless determination always have enough talent to succeed. Regardless if you’re an entrepreneur, athlete, coach,….

7 steps to reduce employee turnoverteam-building-100

Here are 7 questions that employees ask themselves each day that they are evaluating their satisfaction in the their job ….

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 191episode 191

In this episode we’ll look at the perception of value and the 3-Minute Syndrome and we’ll hear how mindset determines….

The importance of the 3-Minute syndromeJohn Blog image

During a recent seminar we were discussing the practical process by which a pet owner, in a panic because their animal is ….

Planning with SPVS Profit Survey dataspvs-profit-ducks-100

For the purposes of this article, let’s assume that you are disappointed with your practice report from the SPVS Profitability Survey, the …..

Three Benefits to Positivity in the Workplacethink-positive-100

Being positive is a key part of shaping you as a person and shaping the direction your career heads in. Working life can be…..

News and Views – April 2017 …….World Image 100x60

Topics include – Dogs in Cars – California – Richard Goebel and John Sheridan receive prestigious veterinary awards in Las Vegas ..

Practice Profit Trends and Tipsvet hospital icon 100

You’re proud of your practice and with good reason. You have an attractive facility, a well-trained staff, newer equipment, and a solid….

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 190episode 190

In this episode we’ll learn how to recognise and heal a rift between members of the practice team and we’ll see how your practice….

Heal that rift between practice team members
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Many years ago, I was involved with a multi-site practice with branches feeding surgical, diagnostic and other patients …

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 188episode 188

In this episode we’ll learn the importance of transparency in business and we’ll hear why you should identify and express …

The need for transparency in your practice John Blog image

What do you understand by the need for transparency in business? In its simplest sense, I imagine it means unhindered honesty and …

Listen More Than You Talk ….listening 100

When Jared walked into a meeting to discuss a new marketing approach for a product, the conversation didn’t play out well …

Top five small business apps ..business-apps-100

Time wasted on unnecessary paperwork, trawling yourinbox for old emails and trying to remember passwords can really take its toll ….

News and Views – March 2017 …….World Image 100x60

Topics include – Friends Furever – How do we keep veterinary medicine fun? – Percentage-based associate compensation – How to

“Assertive” Is Not an Insult …..crystal ball 100

You’re assertive if you express your feelings, thoughts, and beliefs in an honest, direct way that’s appropriate to the situation. You get your…

Vet Business Video Show – Episode 187episode 187

In this episode we’ll hear about the SPVS Leadership Academy and we’ll learn the importance of the five key numbers generated by the …

Why are too many practices making a loss? John Blog image

I had an opportunity recently to present a session at the VPMA/SPVS Congress in Newport in Wales. My task was to present …







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