The Undercover Veterinary Hospital

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Earlier this year I was privileged to contribute a number of sessions during the AVA Practice Management Conference in Sydney and had an opportunity to meet up with two of my cousins who live down-under and who I hadn’t seen for many years. I was also keen to meet up with a number of friends who were attending or speaking during the Conference. Two of them were Mark Opperman and Sheila Grosdidear of Veterinary Management Consultation based in Colorado.

Episode 101 of the Veterinary Business Video Show includes a clip in which Mark Opperman discussed some of his findings in a session entitled the Undercover Veterinary Hospital.

It only takes seven seconds….

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How quickly does it take you to make some sort of judgement about another individual when you meet them for the first time? That first impression may not even have to wait until they have spoken and it can take just a quick glance, for someone to evaluate you and for you to evaluate them. You’ll form an opinion about each other based on your appearance, your body language, your demeanor, your mannerisms and how you are dressed. Those first impressions can be nearly impossible to reverse or undo, making that initial encounter, maybe between a member of your practice and a potential brand new clients, an extremely important one, for it sets the tone for all that follows between that individual and your business for years to come.

Episode 100 of the Veterinary Business Video Show includes a clip in which Tom Peters reports we only have 7 seconds to make that all-important first impression