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- and how it could improve the financial health of your veterinary practice - worldwide

Everyone with an interest in veterinary practice – that includes clinicians and other practice employees, animal owners, clients and all the other stakeholders in the industry want to be associated with a practice which they regard as successful.

Their individual interest in the practice will influence their personal judgment about its success. It may be related to animal health and welfare, a happy working environment, service to clients, professional standards, satisfied customers, market share, practice growth and so on.

Ultimately of course, every single one of those measures will depend on the practices survival as a healthy and profitable business enterprise. Every practice is unique and every practice owner or manager will select the most appropriate performance measures to manage their individual business.

Some KPI’s however, are common to every practice and the ability to compare your own practice performance with data representing the performance of other comparable practices on an anonymous basis, can be an invaluable tool in defining practice strengths and weaknesses and achieving business objectives.

The Practice Profit Planner is designed specifically to address the issues identified by the KPI results generated by the Worldwide Benchmark Service from VeterinaryBusiness.org and, in the UK, from the  Society of Practising Veterinary Surgeons Profitability Survey

Both services have been designed specifically to collect Benchmark data for the veterinary profession. They collect the same data, it’s easy for practice owners to collect and submit their practice information and the results are simple to interpret. The identity of contributing practices and their financial and other information remains confidential and individual and comparative generic data is normally available to practice owners and managers within two or three days.

Both services offer a valid benchmark service for all practice models and the service is freely available for practice owners and managers to submit their business data and to access their individual and generic results online or receive an individual report via e.mail (Worldwide Benchmark). Both services generate results which are authentic, valid, up-to-date, easy to understand and freely available for comment and interpretation by the industry at large.

How can I use the five benchmark numbers for my practice and the generic data from all the other participating practices to achieve the success our practice deserves?

That’s where the the Practice Profit Planner comes in -  The Practice Profit Planner is a web based programme comprising 16 sessions over a six month period. The programme is designed specifically to use your 5 key numbers to find out exactly why your practice may not be generating the profit you deserve and to identify and implement the top two or three operational policies which will enable you and your practice team to achieve the success you seek.

The Practice Profit Planner will show you how to grow your practice profit and the value of your veterinary business by working smarter, using your existing resources more effectively – and all without compromising your professional standards and values

The Practice Profit Planner generates a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of what’s going right and what may be going wrong in your practice and it requires selective input from and engages with, the whole of your practice team.

The programme is intuitive, easy to follow and uses a number of business tools you can download and start using today. It is not a substitute for professional business consultancy support but an excellent starting point which can provide all the information you or your consultant may need to design, implement and monitor operational and other policy initiatives to achieve your business objectives

At each stage in the programme you will find a contact form to raise any questions which might arise and your purchase price includes the costs of any appropriate professional support or advice.

The Veterinary Practice Profit Planner is a comprehensive online tool which takes you step by step through a systematic diagnostic process to find out why your practice may not be generating the profit you deserve and to identify the top two or three operational policies which will enable you and your practice team to achieve the success you seek.

Please submit your practice data if you have not already received the Benchmark or SPVS Profitability Report for your practice. Click the blue SPVS button if you are in the UK - or the yellow button if your practice is located anywhere else in the world 

Click the green button to access the Veterinary Practice Profit Planner as soon as you you are ready and have received the Benchmark or SPVS Profitability Report for your practice