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Worldwide Benchmark

You can use the Worldwide Benchmark service to compare your practice with the median and with the lower and upper quartiles of all the participating practices in your country. It’s easy to collect and submit practice information and you will normally receive an individual report including your practice and comparative generic data within two or three days.


You can immediately access more than 450 veterinary business related articles from vets, consultants and business management experts from around the world. Select from four categories, Business and Finance, Career Development, HR Management and Marketing

and use the online search facility by topic and author 

Practice Profit Planner

The Veterinary Practice Profit Planner is a web based programme designed specifically to use the five key numbers generated by the Worldwide Benchmark service to find out exactly why your practice may not be generating the profit you deserve and to identify the operational policies which will enable you and your practice team to achieve the success you all deserve.

Business Tools

You can access more than 25 easy-to-use business tools, proformas and blue-prints which you can download and use in your practice today. They come with full instructions and include a number of tools which will enable you to monitor practice performance, prepare and deliver budgets and work with your  practice team to achieve your joint objectives

Ask John

Leading your practice team and managing practice resources can be lonely – especially when times get tough. Sometimes we just need to seek help from someone who understands some of the unique problems which can arise in veterinary practice. That’s why I’m pleased to invite you to ‘Ask John’ – if you’re facing a business related problem in your practice. Within reason, all part of the service and no additional costs involved.

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