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As a paid-up member of the community you will be able to access or download all the available resources on our website. They include the current and archived episodes of the Veterinary Business Video Show, John Sheridans video blog, a host of webcasts and video series, more than 450 veterinary business related articles and more than 25 easy-to-use business tools, proformas and blue-prints which come with full instructions and will enable you to monitor practice performance, prepare and deliver budgets and work with your practice team to achieve your joint objectives for the practice which you own or where you work.

You will be able to use the Worldwide Benchmark service to obtain your unique report which compares the five most important KPI's for your practice with the median and with the lower and upper quartiles of all the participating practices in your country. Then use those specific numbers in conjuction with the unique Veterinary Business App to find out exactly why your practice may not be generating the profit you deserve and to identify the operational policies which will enable you and your practice team to achieve the success you all deserve.

The App is a a web based programme comprising 16 sessions over a six month period and it requires selective input from and engages with, the whole of your practice team. It will show you how to grow your practice profit and the value of your veterinary business by working smarter, using your existing resources more effectively – and all without compromising your professional standards and values. The programme is intuitive, easy to follow and uses a number of business tools you can download and start using today. It is not a substitute for professional business consultancy support but an excellent starting point which can provide all the information you or your consultant may need to design, implement and monitor operational and other policy initiatives to achieve your business objectives.

At each stage in the programme you will find a contact form to raise any questions which might arise and your membership subscription includes the costs of any appropriate professional support or advice.

You can join the community for a monthly charge of just £24.75 or you could save £50.00 each year if you choose to pay £247.00 annually in advance

Remember too, that your subscription may also include, on request, login access to all the membership resources for key members of your management team working in the same practice

You will have my personal 'no questions' money-back guarantee if after a reasonable period, you feel your subscription does not represent value for money