Benchmark Data Entry Form

You can use the Worldwide Benchmark service to compare your practice with the median and with the lower and upper quartiles of all the participating practices like yours. Please read the explanatory notes, enter your practice data and click the submit button


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NOTES SOMA OVERNIGHT COD Your data will be guaranteed as secure, your practice will be allocated a unique identification code and you will receive an e.mail report which will compare your practice performance with the median, lower and upper quartiles of all the participating practices.

Your practice details – will remain confidential at all times and the data you provide will be used only for the purposes of the Veterinary Business Benchmark service.

Practice description – select the description which most closely fits your practice.

Legal format – select the description which most closely fits your practice legal format.

Capital value of the practice properties. – One of the major establishment costs in running your practice relates to a rental for the property. If the property is leased your accounts will already include a cost of rent and no entry is required. If however the owner(s) of the practice also own the practice property and the accounts do not include a cost representing a commercial rent, you should enter an estimated capital value for the professional part of the practice property(ies) in this box. Benchmark will calculate a typical rental and add this sum to the practice establishment costs.

Note: if your practice accounts include a cost representing interest on a mortgage or loan used to purchase the property, you should add this sum to the ‘net profit from accounts’ box. It will be replaced by a calculated rental based on the estimated capital value you have entered above.

Number of owner clinicians FTE – if your practice operates as a sole trader or partnership, the number of owners (full time equivalents) employed as clinicians in the practice, will be allocated a ‘salary’ equivalent to the average paid to the employee veterinarians in the practice. If your practice operates under a corporate structure it will be assumed that the accounts will already include the costs of the owners/directors as company employees but not as clinicians

Revenue – the total practice income (net of Value Added Tax and/or other sales tax) for the financial year in question

Cost of drugs and supplies – please include here the cost of medical and surgical supplies, animal foods and other veterinary products.

Average transaction value (ATV or ACT) – please estimate this figure by dividing the practice turnover (income) during a typical week, month or year by the number of invoices greater than zero, which are generated during the period.